A workshop presented by Chickenbone John

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Chickenbone John discussing matters with the group....
Chickenbone John
Building cigar box guitars...
Intense concentration everywhere you look...
Stringing the cigar box guitar...
More building...
More building...

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I arranged this workshop for my students so they could experience and learn from the process of making a musical instrument, a very cool musical instrument! So on 23rd May we were visited by Chickenbone John (the Godfather of Cigar Box Guitar) at a venue in Rushden for a day filled with building Cigar Box guitars.

We all had a great day and everyone left with a very playable and bluesy sounding cigar box guitar. The event was such a success, I hope to arrange a similar workshop next year for all those who missed out due to the limited spaces available.

Please contact me if you would like to register your interest in forthcoming events arranged by Honney-Bayes Productions:

The pictures to the left show the cigar box guitar I made myself during the workshop. Being rather a fan of comics, I thought it would be fun to decorate it with some old Fool Killer comics from the early 1990s. The process took a very long time and a lot of PVA glue, although I think the finished result speaks for itself... definitely time well spent! And as a usable instrument, it sounds great played with a slide through a loud amp... and who needs fret markers when you have comic images?

My Cigar Box Guitar... decordated with Fool Killer issues 7, 9  and 10