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Black Ink Improvisations

Presented here are a small selection of my black ink improvisations. Where colour has been applied, this has been achieved by digitising the black and white image (scanning) so they could then be processed using my favoured graphic design software and a wide range of texture elements (photos and filters).

Monster Mashup - scanned black ink drawing imp04
The Possibilities - scanned black ink drawing Black ink drawing Stephen's Dreams - scanned black ink drawing
The Possibilities - software coloured image Software coloured image Stephen's Dreams - software coloured image

Like with musical improvisation, applying a free-form approach to artwork often relies on the ability to adapt errors so it appears that they were intended. By using only black ink, with no pencil sketch preparation, I force myself to commit to initial ideas. So, if something doesn't go quite to plan, it's a case of either make it work or bin it and start again. There are no second chances unless I edit a scanned image in software, and in respect of this process, that always feels like cheating.

imp08sc imp08
From Above - scanned black ink drawing On The Surface - scanned black ink drawing From Below - scanned black ink drawing
From Above - software coloured image On The Surface - software coloured image From Below - software coloured image
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