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Klaus Kroak Project Artwork

Klaus Kroak - Light-Mesh Warrior Klaus Kroak - pre-Catmanchin era Klaus Kroak - Chaos Clouds 2011 era
Jolly Deathmask The Light-Mesh Paw Interface Kitten Kough
The Robot with 50 Fingers Monkey-Rag-Stem 2TnHat
Horror Comic Bot Massive Mecha-i-Spy Minibot Circuit Breakdown
Dr. Sci-Fi and his minions Botch Doghead Space Serpent
Fire Weasel The Illumajimp Virus The Meatmunk
Attack of the Chaos Clouds Blood and Bone Wizard The Cyber-Shaman
The Land of Red Another rodent victim
Future Historic Kill Plant Robosaur IT-Rex Terror Beakosaur
Zizz I.T. Systems Tapper Tom The Throat

The images created for this project were done so primarily to illustrate their musical counterparts in some way or other. Sometimes the music helps form the concept for artwork, sometime the image inspires the music. It's a confusing and sensitive symbiotic relationship that only exists to satisfy my need to make stuff.

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